Man builds drivable Navy destroyer on golf cart


Greg Machak built a a drivable Navy destroyer on a golf cart for a Braidwood, Ill., charity event, ABC7 Chicago reported.

The Navy ship, modeled after the USS Hollister, was built for a golf cart competition, which is part of an annual charity every for local food pantries in the town in Chicago’s south suburbs, according to the Chicago news station.

Machak, who won first place last year for a pirate ship he built on a golf cart, said he built the destroyer to honor his uncle, Joe Vercellotti, age 91, the real-life USS Hollister’s chief engineer.

Vercelloti spoke in the news station’s report through a video call.

“I think it’s a tremendous idea of honoring a ship which served honorably,” Vercelloti said.

Machak added he would drive the golf cart to any nearby parade.