Laurie Zuill fulfills wish to find message in a bottle


Laurie Zuill’s dream to find a message in a bottle has come true, The Royal Gazette reported.

Zuill spotted the brown wine bottle with paper inside floating in Bailey’s Bay in Bermuda, but it was located at the foot of a steep cliff below her, making it difficult to access. But then a kayaker, Will Collins, came along and got it for her.

“He kayaked up to a certain level and then said he was just going to throw it on the rocks,” Zuill said. “Fortunately, the bottle did not break.”

Zuill, who is a photographer, was out taking photos of the islands tropical birds with white long tails, when she spotted the bottle, the Bermudian English-language daily newspaper noted.

“The long tails become a bit idle, so I glanced at the water,” Zuill told the newspaper. “I saw this bottle floating around.”

When Zuill got home, she read the letter inside, dated April 18, 2016, signed by P. Ames with post office box address in Nantucket, Mass.

Pennel Ames’ wife, Sharon, said her husband, who was a commercial fisherman, threw caseloads of empty wine bottles from Nantucket restaurants filled with paper notes into the ocean over the years, his last batch tossed in 2016, when he retired.